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CGI Resource Index -


Code Guru -
Code Project - Free Source code and Tutorials

Color Charts and Guides:

Browser Safe Color Palette - color chart
Hilites Colors - All about colors as they are used in web pages
RGB Color Chart - color chart

HTML Sources:

A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page - National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Doctor HTML - Web page analysis tool
Dynamic HTML Zone - Macromedia - help designers create dynamic pages
How Do They Do That With HTML? - Basic HTML and Graphics, HTML Tips and Tricks
HTML Coded Character Set - special character sets
HTML Goodies - Joe Burns Ph D - Very Comprehensive Site
HTML Help by The Web Design Group - provide Web authoring reference material, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions
HTML Station - Reference info and demonstrations of HTML
HTML Writers Guild - Intl Org of World Wide Web page authors/Internet Publishing professionals
HTTP Cookie Info - Helpful Information on the HTTP Cookie
Index DOT HTML - The Advanced HTML Resource
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML - Nice Guide in Many Different Languages
Spider's Web - Design Tutorials, Columns and Features
The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette - Links to Several Resources
Tips, Tricks, How To, and Beyond - Web Design Resource - Offers Several Levels of Help (HotWired) - A How-to Guide for Web Junkies
Web Pages That Suck - web design, html, design, web pages - The Webmaster's Reference Library
Website Garage - One Stop Shop for Servicing Your Web Site
W3C - World Wide Web Consortium - User Interface, Technology and Society, Architecture, Accessibility

Image Sources:

Crack's Smiles - Lots of animated smiley faces and more
Denton's Dimensions - A Gallery of Web Special Effects - BEST FREE Animated GIF Site for WebMasters on the Web
ICON and Image Links - List of Various Web Links - Mostly ICONs
Cool Graphics on the Web - Backgrounds, ICONs, GIFs, Clipart, Graphics - Lots of Stuff
MediaBuilder - Lots of Website Goodies, Large Image Library


Webfonts - changing the face of the web

Free Web Pages: - Lycos - 100 meg, uses Trellix Offline Web Site Builder - 20 meg - Yahoo -
NBCi My Website - unlimited web space - Lycos - 50 meg

Free Web Storage: - easy to use - easy to use


d e v h e a d - Web Development for the Next Millennium - ZDNet
Quadzilla - D. J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site
Slashdot: News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters. -
Webmonkey - HotWired site
Web - lots of good stuff
Web -
World Wide Web Consortium - international consortium devoted to guiding the web's evolution
Web Developer Virtual Library - Encyclopedia of Web Design Tutorials, Articles and Discussions

Register Web Site:

Register It - Search Engine Registration and Web Site Promotion
Submit It - The Best Web site traffic-driving services and tools

Script Sources:

AWorld - Applets, Scripts, Animations, Icons
Cut-N-Paste Javascript - ISN Web Developer's Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
eto's JavaScript Page - Fadein Script
Free JavaScript Source Code - Lots of JavaScripts
Gamelan - The Java Directory
Java Goodies JavaScript Repository - Striving to be The Largest Java Script Repository on the World Wide Web
JavaScriptSource.COM - Cut and Paste Javascript Library - Lots of good stuff
JavaScripts.COM - 1000+ javascripts
JavaScript 411 - complete source for JavaScript information
The JavaScript Planet - Collection with 367 FREE examples - Your home for JavaScript and Dynamic HTML on the Web

Sound Sources:

Daily WAV File - Worlds most popular WAV files all in one location
Thumper's World Of WAVs - Worlds most popular WAV files all in one location

XML Sources: - all about XML

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