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You Know you're from St.Louis if...

*You love toasted ravioli with Budweiser beer.
*"Vacation" is a choice between Silver Dollar City and Lake of the Ozarks.
*You can find Pestalozzi Street by aroma alone.
*You can get anywhere in 20 minutes.
*You've seen all the biggest bands ten years AFTER they were popular.
*You can debate for 30 minutes whether Missouri Baking or Marge Amighetti makes the best Italian bread. (it's Amighetti's!)
*You know what "Party Cove" is.
*You still can't believe the Arena is gone.
*Your non-St. Louisan friends always ask if you're aware there is no "r" in "wash."
*You know at least one person who's gotten hurt at Johnson Shut-ins.
*You know in your heart that Mizzou can beat Nebraska in football.
*You end your sentences with an unnecessary preposition. Example: "Where's my coat at?"
*You think the four major food groups are Beef, Pork, Budweiser and Imo's.
*You've had to switch from heat to AC in the same day.
*You know there are really only three salad dressings: Imo's, Zia's and Rich and Charlie's.
*You'll pay for your kid to go to college unless they want to go to KU.
*You can' t think of anything better than sitting on the porch, in the summer, during a thunderstorm.
*It just doesn't seem like a wedding without mostaciolli. AND YOU PRONOUNCE IT 'MUSKACHOLLI'
*You know, within a three-mile radius, where another St. Louisan grew up as soon as they open their mouth.
*You know what a Pork Steak is...and what kind of sauce to put on it!
*You have to know what high school everyone went to.
*Everyone in your family has floated the Meramec River at least once.
*A hoosier is someone that lives just south of Chouteau, not a person from Indiana.
*You've ever said, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."
*Your favorite summer treat is handed to you upside-down (Ted Drewe's - YUM!).
*You bleed Blue between September and May! (The rest of the time it's Red, of course.)

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