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Recommended Software:

This is software I use and recommend. Your mileage may vary. No warranty offered or implied.

Software Name Website Address Type Comment
Ad-Aware Freeware Ad-Aware is a free multi spyware removal utility, that scans your memory,registry and hard drives for known spyware and lets you remove it safely
Adobe Acrobat Freeware Free file viewer for .PDF files like all those wonderful IRS forms
AIDA Freeware a professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program running on Win32 platforms. It extracts details of all components of the PC
Agent Ransack Freeware tool for finding files and information on your hard drive fast and efficiently - results can be printed or saved
Another Task Manager Freeware real-time monitor all processes and threads, their CPU usage, execution time, etc.
Bookmark Wizard Freeware Convert Internet Favorites to HTML page
CtBIOS Freeware Determine Award/AMI BIOS number & possible manufacturer
ctpci330 Freeware Determine name of your chipset
DISKdata Freeware Compact Explorer-like tool for quickly analyzing file and folder disk space
Eraser Freeware Eraser is an advanced security tool (for Windows), which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns
emailStripper Freeware free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of your emails
Irfan View Freeware IrfanView is a very fast 32-Bit graphic viewer for Windows
Jot+ Shareware Jot+ is a note/cardfile program. Very useful as a database of odds and ends, lists etc.
NIS Time Freeware Synchronize computer clocks via the Internet
NoteTab Freeware
NoteTab is a leading-edge text and HTML editor - ultimate free Notepad replacement.
NTPopup Shareware WinPopup program that actually works WinNT, Win2K as well Win9x. Author: Lester Kovac
Pest Patrol Shareware powerful anti-hacker utility that finds and eliminates hacker tools, spyware and trojans from your pc
PK Zip, PK Unzip Shareware Zip, Unzip utility
Pretty Good Solitaire Shareware Fun collection of 330+ Solitaire games
PrintKey Shareware Screen capture utility - feature rich. Older release was freeware.
Print Shop Pro Shareware Nice image editting software.
Programmer's File Editor Freeware Think of Notepad as a bottle rocket and PFE as the Space Shuttle
Properties Plus Freeware free add-on for your Windows Explorer, modify file attributes, file extensions, and the time stamps of single files, multiple files, or files contained within the folders.
Real Audio Player Freeware Audio over the Internet, music, news, radio stations etc. ** WARNING ** This software tracks personnel information!
Replicator Freeware Replicate files and directories, useful for backing up your data.
Savings Bond Wizard Freeware helps you manage your savings bond inventory on your PC.
Spybot - Search & Destroy Freeware searches and removes so-called spy- or adbots, trojans, malware.
Task Bar Clock Freeware Add the Date to your Task bar. One of my favorite freeware programs.
THE Rename Freeware Great program designed to help you to rename files and folders en masse with a number of possibilities and options
WallWatcher Freeware Neat program that collects, displays, and analyses log information from the Linksys "BEF" series of EtherFast router/firewall
Winamp Shareware Windows Audio player - great MP3 player
WinZip Shareware Windows Zip (Archive) Utility
WS_FTP Shareware File Transfer Client for Windows - great FTP tool
XSetup Shareware the mother of all Windows tweaking tools
Zone Alarm Freeware
Person firewalls, ZoneAlarm forms a barrier between your system and the Internet, protecting against intrusion, guarding against many types of malicious e-mail attachments, and preventing programs from secretly sending personal information our over the Internet

Interesting Software:

This is software that looks of interest to to me although I don't currently use it. Your mileage may vary. No warranty offered or implied.
Name Website Address Comment
Dimension 4 Freeware Nice time synchronization utility
MailWasher Freeware a powerful email checker with effective spam elimination
MG Software Freeware Screensave Builder, Ripper, Mir Celebration
Moon Software Both Bookmark Wizard, Multimedia Xplorer and others
PC Tools and Utilities Both SetBrowser, DIR2HTML, others
PowerMarks Shareware Powermarks is an Award Winning Bookmark Manager and Personal Search Engine for the Internet
Software Design Both Gibson Research freeware programs
Software Design Both many shareware and freeware programs
Task Info 2000 Shareware combination of Task Manager and System Information Utility
Tiger Technology Both Desk Top Flag, Holiday Lights and others
Tiny Apps.Org Both a guide to very small software for your PC

Software Websites:

Name Website Address Comment
List of Lists Tons of software links by type
Association of Shareware Professionals 200 shareware and freeware links
Completely Free Software Freeware and Free Shareware the Download Planet
Dave Central freeware and shareware
DLL Archive The 1st comprehensive collection of DLL on the Net. shareware download site CNET site freeware and shareware
File Dudes freeware and shareware
FileFarm cream of the crop file from the farm
File Transit freeware and shareware
Filez search over 76 million files
Freebyte! the site for free stuff
Freeware Forever Guide to the Best Free Software Sites
Freeware Publishing Site offers a collection of the best freeware for Windows 95/98
FreewareWeb Your One-Stop Freeware Source
Freeware freeware & Shareware rated and review
Lockergnome Free Windows 95/98/NT eZine freeware and shareware
Jumbo! Download Network Over 300,000 Shareware and Freeware Programs
Moochers freeware and shareware
NONAGS Freeware Shareware World Center
Pass The Shareware Shareware And Freeware Sites And Downloads
Rocket Download Your better choice for downloading
SHAREWARE.COM search from more than 250,000 files
Shareware-Australia Australia's best shareware distributor and registration service
Shareware Junkies A1 Shareware evaluations
Shareware Place Windows and Mac software, other links
SoftSearch World's Largest Software Database the source for shareware, freeware and evaluation software
Softsite Home of the BEST Arcade & Casino Games your one-stop source for Shareware, Freeware, Demos and More.
Software Vault freeware and shareware
The Free Site home of the Web's best freebies, foonts, graphics, games etc.
The Freeware Site Free Shareware Index and Site Information
Simtel.Net Worldwide Shareware and Freeware Software Distribution Network
Tucows The World's Best Collection of Internet Software
WebAttack the world's largest Internet Tool Provider
WinFiles The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Internet Free Software, Shareware, and Freeware for Windows
WinSite The place for shareware, demoware, trialware, tips, and utilities for your computer
ZDNet Software Library Very Comprehensive Software site The Ultimate Download Resource on the Internet

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