"The days when you could rely on a single search site for all your needs are gone. Along with the rapid growth of the Internet, search functions have specialized to the point where you need a collection of services to unearth essential information quickly and easily..." PC Magazine 12/02/1997

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Indexes and Directories:

Big Search Sites (my current favorites):

Google - PC Mag Editors Choice
Yahoo - web's oldest directory - better web search
Fast Search: All the Web - very fast - Live Search
Wolfram Alpha - computational knowledge engine - natural language processing (NLP) based search engine

The Other Big Search Sites:

Alta Vista
IX Quick Metasearch
Lycos - Carnegie Mellon University - Microsoft's web search engine, successor to MSN Search
Open Text Index - C/NET Site, Powered by Infoseek
Web Crawler - a Looksmart Ltd. company

Other Search Sites:

AHOY - Search for Personal Homepages
Direct Hit - Dell Computer Search Site
Global Network Navigator -
Maple Square - Canada's Internet Directory
MSN Web Search - lame (use HotBot instead)
NewHoo! - biased editorial content
Search Engine Watch - News, Tips and More About Search Engines
Starting Point
Web Taxi - the search engine and database navigation interface/guide
Web Voyager
Web Worm
Yahoo Canada

Hoaxes and Urband Legends:

AFU & Urban Legends Archive -
CIAC Security Website - DOE website on hoaxes, viruses, chainlatters etc.
Computer Virus Myths home page - Information about computer virus myths, hoaxes, and urban legends
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center - gobs of virus information
TruSecure Corporation - current virus hoaxes
Truth or - Check out rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, humorous tales, pleas for help, urban legends, prayer requests and calls to action - Urban Legends Reference Page - definitive Internet/WWW reference source for urban legends, myths, and folklore
Virus Busters - Information Technology Division staff members at the University of Michigan

How to Choose a Search Site:

How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory - Internet Tutorials
Search Engine Watch - comprehensive guide to search engines, rankings, tips etc.

People Finders:


Anywho - Find Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, FAX, Toll Free Number, and Address
Big Foot
Canada 411 - Canada's largest Internet directory of telephone numbers
Info Space - The Ultimate Directory
Internet Address Finder
Lycos PeopleFind - Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Reverse Lookup, Business Numbers, Toll-Free Numbers
Switchboard - the People and Business Directory
The Ultimates - Common Interface to Web Directories
World EMail Directory
Yahoo! People Search

Fee Based:

1-800 U.S. Search - fee based search
555-1212 - Fee Based Service

Business Finders:

AT&T 800 Directory
Bigbook.COM- Top Rated
Big Yellow - Your Yellow Pages on the Web
Canada Net Pages- Business Directory
GTE SuperPages: Yellow Pages - plus various other tools
Info Space- The Ultimate Directory
Lycos PeopleFind - Business Numbers, Toll-Free Numbers, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Reverse Lookup
Netscape Guide by Yahoo!- RBOC Yellow Pages
SmartPages - Southwestern Bell Business Listings and City Guides
Switchboard - the People and Business Directory
Zip2 Yellow Pages

Reference Libraries:

Acronym Finder - comprehensive database of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms - Find an Answer, Ask a Question
Ask Jeeves -
Electric Library Personal Edition - fee based - sister site of Electric Library
Information Please - On-Line Dictionary, Encyclopedia, & Almanac Resource
Internet Public Library - good research site
Library Spot - encyclopedias, maps, libraries and much more
Medscape - the #1 Free Medical Internet Site
MEL - Michigan Electronic Library - good research site
OneLook Dictionaries - index of 450+ dictionaries - the single best source for facts on the Net
Research - sister site of Electric Library
SpellOnLine - International Spell Checking for the Web
TechWeb TechEncyclopedia - more than 20,000 IT terms - Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words

News Search:

Excite News -
NewsEdge NewsPage -
NewsEdge NewsPage -
Yahoo! News -

Usenet Search:

Alta Vista
Deja News - Top Rated
Liszt Select

Kids Search:

Ask Jeeves for Kids - PC Mag Editors Choice
Disney's Internet Guide -
Lycos SafetyNet -
Yahooligans! -


Ask Jeeves
Cyber 411
Highway 61
Inference Find - the Intelligent Fast Parallel Web Search
Mamma - Mother of all Search Engines
MetaCrawler - Top Rated
ProFusion - Top Rated

FTP Search:

Fast FTP Search - the World's Largest File Search Engine

Government Search:

First GOV - Provides searchable access to information from the US government plus US state and local governments
Google Search Uncle Sam - Special edition of the Google search engine that limits results to pages from US government web sites
Search - Search engine that crawls US government and state government web sites


Map Blast - good source for maps/driving directions - Europe
Maps On Us -
Map Quest - good source for maps/driving directions
Microsoft Expedia Maps - The best resource for online maps
Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection - University of Texas at Austin
Rand McNally - Maps, Driving Directions, Travel Store
Street - lots of good links to mapping sources worldwide
Via Michelin - Michelin site for Europe

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