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Acoustic Fingerpicking Guitarists
Walnut Valley Festival - my favorite acoustic music festival
Saint Louis Flatpick - sponsors Flatpick Guitar and Banjo Workshop Weekend


Classical Insights


Album Covers Homepage
All Music Guide - tons of reviews, rankings, biographies, discographies Music
CD Database - access to CD Database of CD titles
CDnow - World's Largest Music Store
CD Universe - 200,000 items available
International Lyrics Server - find your favorite songs lyrics
Forum Database
Internet Underground Music Archive - free hi-fi music archive
Music Boulevard - The Ultimate Online Music Store
Musicmaker - Create Your Own Custom Music CDs
On-line Dictionary
Rounder Records
Soundstone - the Roadmap to Great Music
St. Louis Music Home Page
Tower Records
Ultimate Band List
Wall of Sound - ultimate music site, comprehensive CD reviews, news, interviews


Jazz Central Station
Jazz Online
Maynard - the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page, the most comprehensive Maynard Ferguson resource on the Internet
Maynard Ferguson at -
Jazz Online - Pat Metheny
Pat Metheny - Highways and Byways - Pat Metheny Group Website
Pat Metheny - Pat Metheny Web Server
Pat Metheny - PATWEEK (for Pat Metheny Freaks)
Pat Metheny - Pat Metheny Group Listener Network
Pat Metheny - The Pat Metheny Homepage
One Stop Jazz on the Web
Wes Montgomery Offical Website - CMG Worldwide website
Wes Montgomery - Mike Sorrenti website
Wounded Bird Records - Wounded Bird Records was formed in 1998 as a label that specializes in the reissue of albums from the 60's, 70's and early 80's on compact disc. Has older Maynard Ferguson titles.


Leo Kottke on the World Wide Web - unoffical site
Red House Records - aimed at GenXers
Son Volt
Uncle Tupelo - Gumbopages

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