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Yeah for a couple of years I've been wanted to load Linux distro onto one of my Windoze machines and explore the world beyond Redmond WA. Some friends had used Fedora and Gentoo. After consulting I elected to go with since it seemed very popular and has so much momentum. Not to mention the infusion of $10 million in financing.

I had trouble with running the Live CD and installing Ubuntu to my harddrive from the iso image on CD. I chose to go with GNOME GUI I was pleased to see Firefox, my prefered browser, was included as was Open Office. I was less happy about version of Firefox 1.0.8. Out of the box Ubuntu recognized my two external USB drives, one FAT32, the other NTFS. I was able to open and view text files from both drives. I double clicked a Word document and it opened in Writer and was formatted reasonably well but not perfect.

Ubuntu did not mount my two internal harddrives which was annoying. I found a script to do the mounting in the Ubuntu forums.

Tasks To Do:


Tasks Completed:

1. HP Photosmart 2610 all-in-one device working
2. better driver for the Epson - nothing available from Epson
3. GUI FTP client working - gFTP installed and configured
4. upgraded to Ubuntu 6.06 5. newer version of Firefox ( installed
6. installed Tabs Mix Plus Firefox extension
7. get audio cd player working - works now
8. got Open Office installed and working

About This Webpage:

Hand coded HTML using the gedit - the official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. For more info see: All editting done while booted to Linux. All FTP activity done via the command line interface.

Related Links: - how to upgrade to Ubuntu 6.0+ Dapper Drake. Windows to Ubuntu Transition Guide - a guide on how to use your new Ubuntu system.

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