And now for a few weasel words from our website author...

Purpose: the intent of this website is to do the following:
* justify the purchase of a PC or two or three
* organize links to sites of interest
* share information and links with others
* waste server space at SBIS
* provide a vehicle to learn HTML
* provide an opportunity to learn about the internet
* keep the Webmaster off the street at night
* provide more webpages for search engines to index

Warning: This site contains no Frames, no JAVA, no ActiveX, no Asbestos and no MSG!

Disclaimer: Any similarity between this site and other websites throughout cyberspace is assumed to be coincidential. Medication and/or alcohol may lessen the effect of this website. No warranty is offered or implied. Do to space limitations, not all data and links could be included here. Long term eye contact may cause dizziness and/or fatigue. Some settling of content may occur in the loading of this web site. Sanitized for your protection. Not responsible for typographical errors and/or poor grammar. Keep out of the reach of small children and pets. Your mileage may vary. Apply liberally, as often as necessary. No animals were harmed in the production of this website. Long term exposure to this website may cause irritation. Discontinue use if irritation or rash develops. Shake, do not stir.

Complaints/Corrections: Should be written on the back of twenty dollar bill (U.S. funds only) and forwarded via snail mail to the: The Webmaster. Contact me for the address. All complaints and/or corrections become the property of The Webmaster. This website may not be reproduced or distributed in any manner without the express written consent of The Webmaster. Viewers of this site who don't like it are invited to get develop their own websites.

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