Site Name Web Address Description
COBUG A one-stop resource for the COBOL community where you will find references to COBOL jobs, software, forums, code samples, news, and other COBOL programming resources.
Kasten COBOL Page Coding Style and Techniques.
Fujitsu Software Corp is the site for all things related to Fujitsu Software’s NetCOBOL and associated products. It is maintained by the NetCOBOL group of Fujitsu Software Corporation
IBM COBOL Products IBM COBOL provides a complete offering of compatible, cross-platform, cross-product compilers that support z/OS®, OS/390®, VSE/ESA, z/VM®, AS/400®, AIX®, and Microsoft® Windows®.
Liant Software Corporation Liant Software Corporation is a leading provider of software tools for developing and deploying mission-critical business information systems. Makers of RM/COBOL.
The COBOL Center This site is dedicated to COBOL and to those with an investment in COBOL. There are many Internet sites that provide information about COBOL. The COBOL Center brings that information together so that you will not need to cruise all over the Web to find it.
COBOLPortal The home of COBOL Technology. Micro Focus is a leading provider of legacy development and deployment software for enterprise platforms. Micro Focus enables organizations to reduce costs and increase agility with minimal risk by reusing their legacy applications with contemporary architectures and Web services.

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